The Spooky Scary Book Tag

Creepy IT house

I saw the Spooky Scary Book Tag on Youtube and since my Halloween mood has been kind of lacking recently I wanted to give it a go. I also wanted to see if I could get through it without picking Harry Potter for anything. (Fail.)

The original creator of the tag is Clever Fox

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The Liebster Award

Liebster Award

So I was nominated for this by C.W.A.R at Leave before it’s too late & a million thanks to him! (This happened way back in August and I am truly sorry for how long it’s taken me to respond.) The rules go:

Post Award

Thank Person who Nominated You

State 11 Random Facts about Yourself

Answer the questions asked from the nominating post

Think up 11 more questions

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September Owlcrate: Mythical Creatures

Owlcrate September

The September Mythical Creatures Owlcrate broke my streak of not purchasing subscription boxes. I thought the box overall was only okay. But what the hell? September’s been a tough month and book mail is always the best mail.

Box spoilers below:

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2017 Mid-Year Wrap-Up!

Hela Breaks the Hammer

Prediction for the end of the year: I will own an embarrassing amount of Hela merchandise!

I’m going to keep this round-up of the first part of 2017 super simple and try not to cry about the fact that we’re halfway through because while 2017 might be halfway over, at least entertainment wise, I think the fun stuff is still to come.

Favorites and Recommendations Below:

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Girl Code & Tampon Run (Game)


Girl Code: Gaming, Going Viral and Getting It Done

By: Andrea Gonzales & Sophie Houser

Grade: A

I’m not big on games though I always loved the idea of coding. So when I picked up the book and saw it was about two girls who took a summer coding camp and created a game called Tampon Run I knew I had to read the book and try my hand at the game.

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the takedown


the takedown

author: Corrie Wang

Grade: A-

“I’ll warn you in advance. You’re probably not gonna like me.”

I actually did like Kyla Cheng quiet a bit. Yes, she’s not the nicest person in high school perhaps but she’s smart, focused, ambitious and driven. Unfortunately for her that all goes to crap when a sex tape of her with her English teacher hits the web and no one believes Kyle (nickname) when she says its not her.

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Book of the Month: April Choices


April’s Book of the Month box came with a small coloring book and a box of colored pens. Which is cute but I have never picked up on the whole adult coloring thing. I’m actually worse at staying between the lines now than when I was a child. Which only frustrates me.

I was all over the place with this month’s selections. First I was going to skip. Then I wanted just one. Than I finally picked and confirmed and almost immediately wanted to change my mind 😦

Just one of those months.

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Best Fairyloot Ever?


Last time I got Fairyloot was last September and I liked the box a lot but at fifty dollars it was too much for a monthly thing. However I absolutely couldn’t miss the March box- not only did I have a pretty good idea of what the book was going to be it was their one year anniversary hence a special box!

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