2017 Mid-Year Wrap-Up!

Hela Breaks the Hammer

Prediction for the end of the year: I will own an embarrassing amount of Hela merchandise!

I’m going to keep this round-up of the first part of 2017 super simple and try not to cry about the fact that we’re halfway through because while 2017 might be halfway over, at least entertainment wise, I think the fun stuff is still to come.

Favorites and Recommendations Below:

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Girl Code & Tampon Run (Game)


Girl Code: Gaming, Going Viral and Getting It Done

By: Andrea Gonzales & Sophie Houser

Grade: A

I’m not big on games though I always loved the idea of coding. So when I picked up the book and saw it was about two girls who took a summer coding camp and created a game called Tampon Run I knew I had to read the book and try my hand at the game.

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the takedown


the takedown

author: Corrie Wang

Grade: A-

“I’ll warn you in advance. You’re probably not gonna like me.”

I actually did like Kyla Cheng quiet a bit. Yes, she’s not the nicest person in high school perhaps but she’s smart, focused, ambitious and driven. Unfortunately for her that all goes to crap when a sex tape of her with her English teacher hits the web and no one believes Kyle (nickname) when she says its not her.

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Book of the Month: April Choices


April’s Book of the Month box came with a small coloring book and a box of colored pens. Which is cute but I have never picked up on the whole adult coloring thing. I’m actually worse at staying between the lines now than when I was a child. Which only frustrates me.

I was all over the place with this month’s selections. First I was going to skip. Then I wanted just one. Than I finally picked and confirmed and almost immediately wanted to change my mind 😦

Just one of those months.

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Best Fairyloot Ever?


Last time I got Fairyloot was last September and I liked the box a lot but at fifty dollars it was too much for a monthly thing. However I absolutely couldn’t miss the March box- not only did I have a pretty good idea of what the book was going to be it was their one year anniversary hence a special box!

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Book of the Month Box: February


Book of the Month is a subscription service that offers five new books every month and you can pick one (covered under the monthly cost) and add up to two other books for $9.99. This is only my second month with the box and it took me forever to decide what I wanted. So I thought I’d show you my choices and all the books offered this month in case anything strikes you:

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Quarterly Literary Box


So a couple of weeks ago I decided to try a Quarterly Lit Box I’ve seen the unboxings and such on Youtube and I had a couple extra dollars so I figured go for it!

The Quarterly boxes are sent four times a year, so every three months, and they’re curated by a selected author. You know at least one book in the box is going to be that authors new release. One of the big draws for me was that the selected books are annotated with notes by said author.

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