Eliza And Her Monsters


Eliza and Her Monsters

By: Francesca Zappia

Grade: B+

It’s a little odd to recognize a lot of your personality traits in a character, understand why they are doing things and they still get on your nerves. It’s also hard to want to like a book more than you did or to feel like you should like a book more than you did. Eliza suffers from anxiety (among other things) and is just trying to stay invisible through the end of school while writing the exceedingly popular web comic Monstrous Sea.

Everything shifts however when she meets a boy who may be Monstrous Sea’s biggest fan.

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Mini Reviews: Allergies & Watson Make Me Grumpy


Queens of Geek

Grade: B-

I really wanted to like this one more. It’s about two friends (technically three but Jamie is pretty much relegated to saintly boy/boyfriend characterization fairly quickly) at a Comic Con like event. Charlie is an up and coming actress who meets another up and coming actress she likes and Taylor suffers from anxiety and loves Jamie.

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