Thoughts on Comic-Con Trailers

Stranger Things 2

Stranger Things Season 2¬†may very well be my favorite trailer out of comic-con. I love those kids. The use of Thriller was just awesome. I’m in love with the Halloween atmosphere. I mean I was super-psyched after the Super Bowl Tease. I just can’t decide whether I’m going to binge this one or try to spread it out and savor it when it finally drops.

Halloween in Hawkins

I am so ready for Fall.

My number two would have to be:

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October New Releases

Oh man, did I hit some walls in September. I don’t feel so bad about the reading because it was pretty much every area of my life. October was offering a lot of maybe’s for me, at least in terms of movies and books. But I must say Westworld¬†certainly kicked it off to an amazing start and I wasn’t expecting that.


Other October Goodies Include:

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